Thursday, May 31, 2007

06 May 2007, port installed

Well, things are ok with me so far. This past friday, I had a port put in. A port is basically a device that's put in right under the skin, around the collar bone, with a tube going into one of the main veins going into my heart. The doctors can administer the chemo through that. It's suppose to be easier to do it this way instead of sticking a vein each time. The area where it is installed is still pretty sore. The bones in the area feel bruised, and the stitches are still sore too. I guess that's expected after only two days.

I still don't know the results of the tests yet. I won't know those until the 18th. I'm praying that the cancer hasn't gotten into my bone marrow. If it has, I'll have to do a transplant of that. Let's pray that it hasn't gotten in there yet.

Well, starting tomorrow I'm going on vacation to Dayton, Oh. I'm really looking foward to this. A whole week off of work, I'm not going to know what to do. But I'll definitely find something to do. I'll update everyone as soon as I know the test results on the 18th.

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