Friday, June 1, 2007

First Treatment

Had my first treatment on 29 May 2007. Everything went a lot better than I thought it would. Thankfully, I hardly had any side effects right off the bat. About the only thing I had the first night was a slight upset stomach. But one of the meds they gave me took care of that real quick. On the 30th, I had a Neulasta shot, basically a medicine to boost the white blood cell count. That makes the bigger bones hurt a little bit. It's enough to may me uncomfortable, but that's it.

Starting yesterday though, I've been getting tired a lot easier than normal. Yesterday, I took 3 or 4 naps. I've only taken one today so far, but am getting ready to go lay down again.

So, all in all, everything is going great. Not at all what I expected, but definitely grateful they're going as good as they are. But that might change with the next few treatments. I may start getting some of the other side effects, like losing my hair and getting more tired than now. We'll see though, I'm not going to wait around for them to come. I'm just going to keep plugging away like usual.

Thanks to all of my friends and family that have written me emails. It means a lot to me, and as soon as I can, I'll write everyone back individually. God bless you all.

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