Thursday, June 14, 2007

Second Chemo Treatment

Had my second chemo treatment this past Tuesday. Everything during the chemo went good, just a little tired from not sleeping good the night before. Same side effects as last time. Real fatigued, a little nauseated, and my bones hurt some from the Leunasta shot. All of this was getting to me today at work, and I had to leave early. I felt bad, but my supervisor told me everyone was behind me, and was shocked that I'm doing as well as I am. So, it was partly expected. Made me feel good that they are there for me, and no concerns whatsoever for covering me on a moment's notice.

Still haven't lose my hair, appetite is the same, and still amazed that this is all, so far. Thanks to everyone who keeps in touch. I promise to get in touch with everyone who's emailed me. Sorry for a not to exciting email. I guess nothing new is a good thing in my case. One good thing going on at the chemo treatment center is that they're starting up a support group for all of the cancer patients, and I was asked to help out with it. For both of my treatments, I haven't seen anyone close to my age, so maybe with this group, I'll meet some. It's just kinda hard going through this with no one to really talk to who is is going/has gone trough cancer. Don't get me wrong, it's great being in touch with everyone, but I guess it's just different talking to someone who's had/has cancer. Guess it's just the common link. Well, I'll get going. Thanks again to everyone for listening to me ramble on a bit. God bless.

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