Monday, July 2, 2007

Chemo #3 in the books

Chemo #3 is down in the books. Nothing to much to write about other than a little bit of heartburn. And my appetite has gone down some, but that happens for the first few days afterwards anyways. And concentrating has become something that's a little harder than normal. My hair started falling out the other week, so I went ahead and shaved my head. Doesn't look bad, actually. The strange thing is none of my facial hair or body hair has fallen out. Which might be a good thing, cause I don't want to go around with legs smoother than a girls. haha. Well, I need to get going and eat something. Have to stay ahead with the nausea medicine, or else I'll get really sick. Made that mistake once, not again.

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JE from Sweden said...

Chad - how are things going? Me and my boys have been praying for you. Just wondering how you are doing.

John('ohio' from AP forum)