Monday, July 30, 2007

Chemo is boring

Well, it kinda is. The actual process of getting the chemo. All you do is sit there while they inject the chemo in. It doesn't hurt or anything, don't even feel it. The only thing I don't like is the saline flushes they have to do between each drug. For some odd reason, a lot of people taste or smell the saline. I smell it. It's nasty, like getting a big shot of sea water up the nose. But the actual process of chemo is pretty much just sitting there. I have a portable dvd player which helps, but I feel rude when the nurse is doing something, and I'm just sitting there watching my movie. So, I'll pause it and speak to them. Sometimes they talk back, sometimes they don't. Whatever.

It seems like this last chemo, I got sick right away. It usually takes a few days for the nausea to come on, but this time was different. It may be because I didn't eat anything before hand. Who knows. I was suppose to get my PET scan tomorrow, but the machine broke down. Now it's going to be another week until they can get it done. I want to get it done and over with just to see what progress I'm making. I was suppose to have it done last week, but the hospital visit canceled that. O'well, I can be patient for another week.

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