Friday, July 20, 2007

Interesting Past Few Days

Well, the past few days have been interesting. I just spent those days in the hospital. I had another blood clot, and part of it moved to my lung. Yep, a pulmonary embolism. It wasn't a bad one, but it could have been. I was short of breath all the time, and my left calf was hurting for a few days until I finally went to the doctor. I knew I had a blood clot, but didn't even thing about the lung part. I was taking a blood thinner medicine, Coumadin, but apparently sometimes when one is on chemo-therapy, it gets canceled out. So, even though I was taking the medicine, it wasn't doing what it was suppose to. Now I have to take a shot in the stomach every day while I'm doing chemo. Which will be another 3-4 months. yay.

I'm back home now, which is a good thing. I was bored out of my mind while there. The television only had a few good channels to watch, and it was one of those remote control things that only had one button to change the channel. So, if you accidentally went past your channel, opps, gotta go through every channel again to get back to it. I took a book to read, but didn't have a small light to read with. Either the large overhead light, or nothing. Well, I should stop complaining. My stay did go good, considering the circumstances.


Amy said...

yippee! you're free! hope to see you this weekend!

Amy said...

Yippee you're free! See you this weekend??