Sunday, December 9, 2007

Officially in the Clear

I am now officially cancer-free! Boy, what a great thing. It's such a relief to know the cancer is in remission, and the doctor doesn't even expect anything to come up again, ever. It's because the cancer such a quick and great response to the chemo-therapy, that they expect it to stay away. There's always the slight chance of it coming back though. Something like 1-5%. I'll take those odds. It's been such a journey. My good friend, Blaine, told me about 2 Cor 1: 3-4. Boy was he right on the money with that one. No sooner did I read that, then one of my co-workers, who's in his 60s, found out he has lung cancer. One of the things he told me though was that he thought of me and how I persevered through my cancer, and it gave him a good bit of encouragement. So, we talked for about half an hour about it all, and he felt a lot more comfortable about what to expect. He has stage 1 cancer, which is good (relatively) because it's in it's beginning stages. He has a much higher chance of surviving with a great outcome. So, to be able to share my experience with him was a good thing for me also. It always feels good when you can comfort someone who's going through the same thing you went through and have the experience.

Other than that, my strength is coming back, slowly. I can tell the chemo is finally getting out of my system, and things are getting back to normal. And food is starting to taste normal again! What a great thing. But I still have the occasional chemo-brain thing happening. (Chemo-brain is slang for the side effect the chemo has on short-term memory). I can be thinking about doing something, and literally within 5 minutes I will completely forget about it. I didn't normally do this before. Not too much anyways. But that's starting to get better too.

So, this Christmas is going to be a little more special to me, even though I'll be by myself. The good Lord keeps reminding me of what I've been through, and it just puts a smile on my face to know that I came out on the other side just fine, with His right beside me of course. And I'm really looking forward to 2008. I think things are going to be good for me. We'll see what happens!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the news and happy cycling!!

God bless, Tod

velogirl said...

Hey, Chad! I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck. I read your DVT post on and you shared some solid advice and positive thoughts.