Friday, July 4, 2008

Six Flags, and other stuff

Well, I had a great time at Six Flags. Got to ride a bunch of rides, played a few games, spent way too much money on lunch, and got a good sunburn on my head. This has been the first time I've rode a roller coaster in a few years. The first one I had a little bit of anxiety, but that was quickly replaced with a big grin. I've always enjoyed riding coasters growing up, and this time was just as fun as it was then. Even though I went alone, I still had a good time. Not too crowded or too hot. I had a good time, and I wanted to go and do something fun before I began treatments.

As far as treatments go, I will be getting my port put in again in about a week, then start chemo the week after. I didn't really want to get the port again, but each treatment is basically going to be about 3 days long, each day being a few hours long. One of the chemos has to be given over a three day period, then after that I have to go in for 2 or 3 days for a Neupogen shot, basically a blood booster. So, this time around is going to be much more involved. After about 3 treatments, or about 2 1/2 months, I'll get ready for the bone marrow transplant. The doctors said I shouldn't get too sick or anything during the chemo, probably just get tired pretty quick. So about like last time.

Not too much more going on here. My last day at the bike shop was last week. I really do hate not being there, as I do enjoy the work. But I just have a lot going on, and soon enough I just won't have the time. So, hopefully when all is said and done, I can go back. But that probably won't even be until next year. We'll see though.

So, until next time, hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks to everyone who's kept in touch. Thanks for the calls and emails.

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