Monday, July 28, 2008

Starting Chemo Today

Well, actually I'm having the chemo right now. I was able to hook up to the hospital's free wireless, so I figured I would give the "play by play" action that is a chemo treatment. Fairly un-eventful actually. First I go in and see the doctor, they do blood work and make sure my blood counts are good enough to do treatment. Then, I go to the area where they do chemo. They have a bunch of recliners, and the nurse's station (of course), and a bunch of these IV machines. They start off with giving me a regular saline bag, and also a bag of nausea medicine. After about 30 minutes, it's time for the first chemo drug. At this point, I've been here about an hour already, and each chemo drug has to be given seperately, and each one is going to take approximately 1 hour. So, all in all, I'll be here roughly 4 hours the first day. And I have to come back tomorrow to continue one of the chemos. Then a few days later, I have to come back and start getting shots every day for almost a week long. So, this time around, treatment is going to be a lot more involved. But I have the laptop to watch a movie, or surf the internet in my comfy recliner. I'm feeling ok right now, but I can already feel a touch of nausea coming on. This is what I was dreading, the constant feeling of nausea, and everything just being a little "out of whack". O'well, could be a lot worse, I suppose. Thanks everyone for the emails, and cards and stuff. Talk to you all soon.

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