Friday, July 18, 2008

Surgery Went Well

I just got back from my surgery about 1 hour ago. Everything went well. Took a little longer than I expected, but there were no problems. The appointment was at 1:30, which included checking in and everything. I thought I would be done and out of there by 4:30 or 5:00. Well, I didn't get home until a few minutes after 7:00. O'well, I would rather spend a couple extra hours there then to have them rush through it and get something wrong. So, I'm a little sore, but nothing bad. Just some Tylenol should do the trick. This means chemo is right around the corner. It's actually a relief in a way, to finally get things going, to get a little bit of progress.

Other than that, everything's the same as usual. Not much else going on. Yeah, pretty exciting, huh? lol I'll give another update as soon as I find out exactly when the chemo starts. Until then, everyone take care. Thanks to everyone for the encouraging cards, phone calls, etc.

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