Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mid-November Update

Well, this past few weeks have been interesting. Last week, I spent pretty much the entire time in the hospital getting the stem cells collected. The actual process was painless, but just having to be there the whole time and feeling fine was getting to me a little bit. I was getting a little stir crazy. But everything went good, they got more than enough stem cells to continue on with treatment. So now I start the really fun part, chemo. Yay! This week, starting today, I have to take an oral chemo through the weekend. It's kinda crazy the amount of pills I have to take. It's incredible. I actually took a picture of all of them and posted it on my myspace and facebook page. Check it out!

Starting next week, I take the regular chemo, through the central line in my chest. Shouldn't be too bad, as it's the same stuff I had to do before. But just a higher dose. But they're going to be watching me like a hawk for about the next month. If I even get a fever above 100.5, off to the hospital I go. It's all for my good though, and I'm grateful for it. It's just a really big inconvenience. I just can't wait to get better again, and get back to life as normal. But the Lord has been good to me through all of this. It could be a lot worse. And like my step-dad says "I have the best worst luck of anyone in the world." Pretty much rings true. Other than that, nothing else really going on. Just enjoying my Nintendo Wii. I can't wait to get some more games for it.

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kim and fam said...


So glad to be in touch, and wow, you have been through a lot! Glad to see you're strong in the Lord and have quite the positive attitude...happy to see you on FB! I'll send you a ton of funny stuff through the Funwall application, laughter is always something great to have during times like these...

We still listen to that City on a Hill CD you gave to us all those years ago at Christmas...Jacob is almost 8 can you believe it??

We will be praying and I will be following your blog and FB...I have a blog too, but about mommyhood...might make you laugh or just go, "what???"

blessings to you!!!