Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Long Overdue Update

So, for those of you I haven't been in touch with in a while, I really do apologize. As of 26 February, I'm officially in the clear again. WooHoo! Seems like ever since I got the all clear, life has been a whirl-wind, which is partly why I haven't posted a new message for a while. I started back to work at the base the very next day, having to work over-time already too. And as of yesterday, I'm back to working part time at the bike shop. I'm feeling great, my strength has definitely come back, but I'm finding out that maybe I'm not 100% yet. The docs told me that all of the treatments I've been through, any type of physical fitness I may have had before, it's gone. And I packed on a few pounds along the way. So, I'm starting back at, pretty much, 0% fitness. No biggy though in my opinion, just means I can ony get better, right? I'm finally feeling good enough to get back to the gym and start riding my new mountain bike. Yes, you read that right, NEW MOUNTAIN BIKE ('09 Fisher X-caliber)! Just took her out on the maiden ride today. Being as how I'm so out of shape, I didn't get to ride much, but it definitely felt good to get out again. Got a good, solid hour ride in, partly still trying to adjust the levers and stuff to feel just right, but it was definitely fun. I attached a few pictures of it, for those interested. Of course this is after the first ride, and it's a little dirty. Who wants to see a clean bike?! haha

Anyways, I go back to the doctors in May for my 3 month checkup. I'm sure everything will be clear, but just for good measure, say a little prayer for me, will ya? After this checkup, I won't go back for another one until February of next year. It's definitely nice not having to go to the docs every single day for something, but now that I'm in the clear, it's been a strange experience not having to go back. Does that make sense? I was restricted from doing so much for so long, and now I have the freedom go back to doing what I "normally" do. It's defnitely an big adjustment to get use to, but I guess in a way it's a good thing, because it gives a chance to not do the same old routines, and to develop better, healthier ones. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. It's hard to explain I guess. Suffice to say, I'm not doing the same old thing, and trying to make it a habit to do better things.

So, that's really it for now. I'm feeling great, and glad to be done with this. Hopefully for the last time. Two times is enough!

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