Monday, May 11, 2009

Second 6-month update

Had my 6 month checkup today, or the scans and bone marrow biopsy.  Everything went pretty good, not in too much pain.  Where they do the bone marrow biopsy (top parts of the hip bone) is sore, but that's to be expected.  The blood work came back looking pretty good, but doesn't really show whether or not the cancer is back.  So, my follow-up appointment isn't until the 18th, so we'll see how things go.  I'm pretty sure everything is clear, because I'm feeling good.  Good enough to go to the gym and all that good stuff.  So, if you could, keep me in your prayers that everything is good to go. 
Other than that, everything has been pretty non-eventful.  Just working a lot, that's about it.  Hope everyone is doing good.


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Mike said...
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Anonymous said...

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