Sunday, August 8, 2010

May scan was great

My latest scans/tests were back in May. The bone-marrow doctor told me everything looked as good as they could possibly be. Pretty good relief for me. I told me regular oncologist, and she told me that with Hodgkin's, if it's going to come back, it will do so usually within the first year or so. So to have perfectly clear scans at this point (18 months from the transplant) is great news. Although it's still possible for something to happen, I'm feeling a little bit more confident that I'm in the clear. Now all I need to do is get back into shape. It's been so hard trying to exercise, it's not even funny. Even after 18 months, I still get winded very quickly, and just don't have much drive to work out as much as I should. I figured the after-effects of all the treatments would do this, but not for this long. Although I have read about some people feeling this way for up to five years. I surely hope it doesn't take that long for me. On top of all that, I've been having problems with my knee again. The past few months it's been hurting like crazy. I've been seeing an orthopedic, and he's fairly sure I have a torn meniscus and maybe even some damaged cartilage on the back of my knee cap. I'll be scheduling an MRI to find out for sure. So, that means probably another surgery on my knee (this will make three). So, my summer is done for. O'well, as long as they get my knee feeling better, that's all I care about. I know before, I may have mentioned some things I've been wanting to do, like some good mountain bike trips, maybe even a bike-packing trips (backpacking, but instead of hiking, riding a mountain bike). Those have been put on hold until next year, until my knee is better and I can get into shape.

On to other news. This past May I went on a trip to my mom's, up in Maryland. Had a great time, although the weather wasn't great. Took a trip to Baltimore harbor, which is really nice. Some different boats to go on, a cool aquarium, a really cool looking Hard Rock Cafe, and other things to see. I really enjoyed it. Since the trip, I've just been working a lot. Maybe too much, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Maybe things will turn for the better on the job status soon. I'm in training to be certified as a Fire Inspector level 2. Once I finish it up, and maybe get some experience under my belt, I'll be able to get a job as an Inspector. Which would be great. Regular Monday thru Friday schedule, good pay, and I'll still be part of the fire department. Pretty cool. So, hopefully things will work out for me on this.

Well, nothing more to report on. I'll write again as soon as I know something about my knee, and any else that may happen. Hope those of you that actually read this are doing good. I know I don't communicate nearly as much as I probably should. For that I apologize. Just not much to report when all ya do is work. Hopefully when my knee gets better, and I'm able to get back in shape and all, this blog will morph into some sort of super exciting record of my amazing adventures. Haha, we'll see. Until then, God bless.