Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pics of the new bike, finally

Sorry about the delay in posting a follow-up.  Had good reasons though.  The doctor found that I had "elevated liver enzymes" in my bloodwork about a month and half ago.  The problem with that is, the elevation could be a sign of liver cancer.  Although the chances of it being liver cancer were fairly low, they wanted to get a better picture of what's going on.  Well, after an ultrasound, and about a quarter of all the blood running through my veins being drawn, turns out it's just a "fatty liver".  Basically saying I'm just overweight.  Well doc, I could have told you that.  Anyways, thankfully it wasn't cancer, because Lord knows I DO NOT want to go through all of that again.

So, on to bigger and better things.  I still haven't made any concrete plans as far as some kind of "epic" ride or anything.  I think for this year, I'm just going to work on getting in shape, and riding as many different places in the area as I can.  There's a lot of trails here I haven't had a chance to ride yet, like Ft. Yargo, Bear Creek, etc.  A lot of places that sound fun.  So, I'll do that, and maybe next year do something crazy.

I also promised a few pictures of the new bike.  Here they are.  It's a 2011 Trek Xcal.  29er wheels, 2x10 drive train, Rock Shox Reba RL fork, and other cool tech type things on it.  I know I need to worry about just riding more, instead of getting all the really nice components for it.  It's hard not to though.  I am going to try and hang on to this one for a while.  It's a great bike, fits me just about perfectly, and is fun to ride.


Toni Lund said...

Sweet looking bike! Happy miles to you and the bike!

Anonymous said...

I just got the same ride Chad. Love it! I saw your post on I'm also 270ish with gear and I'm having the same issues. I just can't seem to get the sag right.

By the way, I'm a LIVESTRONG Army Leader in Maryland. LIVESTRONG buddy!

Barry R.