Friday, January 20, 2012

Last PET scan

Had my last P.E.T. scan back in December.  And everything was clear!  So, that makes two years worth, and everything is looking great.  My doctor said she sees no reason to do any more scans.  That we will just do blood work for the next few years.  So, I think I'm over the hump. 

I'm so glad to be done with these scans.  Not that they were so bad, in particular.  But going and doing them each time, was just so nerve racking.  Because of that chance that something will show up this time, again.  That voice in the back of your mind saying: "What if they find something this time?  What are you gonna do?"  The anxiety of having to wait a week or two for the results is almost maddening.  So, thank the Lord above I made it through with flying colors.

So, now on with life, for the most part.  Other than the occasional blood check, I feel like I can finally move on.  Now I just have to deal with the after effects.  Those being the thyroid medicine and all of that.  Been finding out that my testosterone levels have been real low, which is probably what's contributing to my weight.  Which I'm still doing okay with, I'm down to 249 pounds.  But I'm just not making the gains I wanted, cardio-wise.  Not really getting any stronger, or cardio getting much better.  Maybe I'm just expecting too much?  I don't know.  But it seems that after all the exercising I've been doing all this time, I guess I just expected more.  So, if I get my testosterone levels back to where they should be, will that change?  I sure hope so. 

Not much else going on here.  Still not riding a mountain bike.  I'm missing it, honestly.  But don't know if I'll be able to ride.  With my knee, after a while of that repetitive motion, just makes it so sore.  But I did get those shots in my knee, and maybe once I get back into a little bit better shape, I'll give it a try again.  Maybe my weight is causing more problems than I expected.  Cause trying to pedal around as much weight as I'm trying to is making it that much harder, obviously.  We'll see.

So, with the P.E.T. scans being done with, another chapter in this story of my life is over with.  Feels good.  Feels strange.  Strange because this has been at the forefront of my life for so many years now.  I was first diagnosed in 2007, and it's now 2012.  Five freaking years.  On a path of life I NEVER expected to have to take.  But I've gotten through it, and still breathing.  I have a new lease on life, and am trying to make it better. 

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