Monday, August 25, 2008

Round three this week

Well, since the hospital stay last week, everything is going fairly good. Can't complain too much, except the hair on my head is falling out. It's pretty weird actually, it hasn't 100% come out, but there's only a few patches here and there. So, I just shaved it down all the way. Also, my facial hair almost completely fell out. I was in the shower, and while washing my face, half of my gotee came out in my hand. I thought "well, that's not cool." And of course, about 90% of it came out then, so I shaved the rest of it off, and haven't had to shave since. Kinda nice actually. But it just looks weird, to me anyways. And since I'm looking like Mr. Clean now, I've even had friends not even recognize me. I'm setting there waving or saying something, and they give that uncomfortable "hey" response, with the look on their face like "what's this wierdo want?" You all know what I'm talking about, we've all been there. I just laugh.

I started my third round of treatment today, another three days of setting here for hours on end. I had my checkup CT scan, to make sure the cancer is responding to the chemo, and thankfully it is. Which means the cancer is on it's way out again. So, everything is still on track for me to get the stem-cell transplant on time. Which that should start in about three weeks or so. The doctor asked me if I was nervous about it, and I told her I wasn't, but that I just wanted to hurry up and get this over with. I'm tired of being so worn down.

As far as non-cancer related news, I'm moving to another apartment this week. It's the same apartment complex, just moving to a 1st floor apartment. That 3rd floor is really getting to be a pain to walk up and down to all the time. Just need to finish packing, and I'll be ready to go. Almost seems like a waist of time to have to pack everything up, because I'm just moving across the parking lot. But it's been good to go through everything and weed some stuff out that's just taking up space.

Well, not much else to report on, I guess. I attached a picture I just took during chemo this morning, so you'll be able to recognize me. I won't dime anyone out for not recognizing me up until now, but after this, no excuses! Just kidding. Hope everyone is doing good. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, I wish you the best! You can do this!